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Our Mission is to add entertainment to your Backyard Parties!

As soon as possible. Our availability changes daily and we cannot hold items without a reservation. We want to deliver the fun to everyone. However, the reality is we can only do so many deliveries each day–depending on locations, trucks and staffing. Planning ahead will guarantee your event. Online bookings within 5 days of Fri, Sat or Sun and within 3 days of Mon-Thu events must be confirmed by our staff

All reservations must be secured with a non-refundable deposit. For online orders we only accept payments using these credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Personal checks may be accepted for payment if received at least 14 days prior to event. All deposits must be paid prior to delivery–unless agreed to. For deposits paid by charge card, the balances due at set-up.

* Cancellation Policy for Equipment Rentals

  • For orders canceled less than 72 hours prior to the event date, customers will receive a rain check or refund equal to the amount paid for their order and made available for one year.
  • For orders canceled within 24 hours of the event date, the amounts paid will be forfeit unless cancellation is due to inclement weather conditions – see below.

* Weather-Related Equipment Cancellations

We understand the possible need to reschedule events or select a different unit due to weather.  If the event-day weather is poor, there is no fee to cancel.  The monies paid can be held as a rain check for one year, unless our crew has started their route.  Once our crew leaves the warehouse, full payment is required and no rain check will be offered.  If the rented equipment is substituted for something that costs less, the remaining balance paid will given in the form of a rain check.  No refunds are given for cancellations.

Unless the weather is so bad as to risk our equipment, we leave the decision to cancel up to you on days in which there is a high chance of rain.  Our main concerns are wind and rain.  When winds blow higher than approximately 20 MPH, inflatables may become less safe.

* Rain Checks
Rain checks are available to be used for another event within 1 year of the canceled event date.  They are dependent upon item availability.  Some reasons for which rain checks would NOT be given include:

  • Lack of adequate electricity onsite.  The requirements for each unit are listed online.
  • Cancellations once our personnel or equipment are dispatched.
  • Site being unsuitable (not enough space, type of ground surface, unsafe, etc).

Can you setup at parks?

Yes. Please use this checklist to assist you in determining if the park you are considering is suitable for inflatables.

[  ]  Check with the park for any requirements regarding reservations, possible permits and insurance needs.  We can have most park departments listed as “additionally insured” on our general liability policy.

[  ]  Go to the site and confirm requirements are met for electricity, setup area size and site conditions are appropriate for the items rented.

[  ]  Electricity.  Each inflatable ride requires at least one standard 110v outlet within 70 feet of each inflation blower.   Though it may be possible to run two blowers off a 20 amp circuit, it is recommended to have only 1 blower per circuit.  Even though there may be multiple outlets, they may be on the same circuit thereby sharing that circuit’s limited power availability.  Play it safe, because if you pop a circuit breaker at a park, there may be no park staff available to reset it during your event.  Generators available upon request $50.

[  ]  Is there a load/unload space available for our truck?

[  ]  What is the distance to the site from the load/unload space?

[  ]  Can we use anchor stakes?  Standard are 18” long while the size used for slides 36” long–both put in at an angle.  A sandbag fee may be added if stakes are not allowed.

The rental cost does NOT include an operator unless specified. Customers are to provide adult supervision or, for an additional fee, our crew may be hired to monitor the equipment or supervise the event. On the rental item you may see “Attendants” required at all times. This is to inform you of how many people are required to monitor that unit-at All Times. This is NOT how many we will provide.

Yes. We use the safest designs made by reputable manufacturers. Each inflatable is cleaned and disinfected between rentals. They are inspected onsite to ensure they are safe and ready.

In general, most of the standard sized Bounce Houses and Combos can have (6-8) five-year olds.  Add a couple more for the larger bounce houses.  For older kids, decrease the number of riders.  Much of it depends on how excitedly the kids are jumping and being observant of how they are playing together.  For safety, have similarly-sized riders jumping at the same time. Check the rules printed on the front of each inflatable for details.

All cities in Polk County, Plant City and more.  Anything within 30 minutes from our address has no additional cost, if further distance than 30 minutes then please reach out for additional delivery cost to offset labor and price costs.

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We ordered a bounce house and a slide .. both were perfect. Actually very clean! Really impressed with the service and attention to detail. All employees were very friendly. This was my first time using them, but I definitely will again!

Allison B.

This place was awesome!!communication was very good.The guy who answered the phone was very nice, and the delivery guys were very polite and quick to set up prices were affordable my kids had a blast would highly recommend!!!? also the bounce house was very clean !

Samantha C.

Bill and Chris are amazing! Very responsive and even worked with my schedule to drop off and pick up. We are so pleased with the games and service. Definitely found our new go to for parties and get togethers. We had a bonfire and the games were a hit. We look forward to our next party!

Monica A.

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Our Mission is to add entertainment to your Backyard Parties!

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